Paediatric Dentistry 

A: Looking after children's teeth is vitally important as the baby teeth maintain space for the 2nd teeth. We go to a lot of effort to make their visit non-threatening and fun but also helping to shape their skills in brushing and diet.

Geriatric Dentistry

A: As we age changes occur in our mouths: it becomes drier and there are more root surfaces exposed with recession. Treatment revolves around protecting these surfaces, advising on saliva substitutes but also helping to keep looking as "young" as possible.


Cosmetic Dentistry 

A: We all want our smile to look as good as possible. Cosmetic options run from the complicated and extensive to the simple and non-invasive. We can advise whether crowns (caps), veneers, bonding, reshaping or bleaching is right for you.

Sleep Solutions (snoring)

A: Snoring and sleep apnoea are serious problems from a health and marital point of view. In consultation with Sleep Physicians treatment with an oral appliance can be carried out with excellent results.

Endodontic treatment

A: Also called root canal treatment. When the nerve  in the tooth dies, it needs to be disinfected to stop infection spreading.We can advise whether that treatment is appropriate for your tooth.

Missing teeth

A: We will tailor a treatment plan for you to fill in those gaps.

Implants:   The missing tooth is replaced by a titanium implant into bone and then a cap is added on top to restore the missing tooth

Bridges:  The adjoining teeth to the gap are used to support a new crown to fill in the gap.

Dentures:   Also known as a plate can be used to replace the missing teeth.

Gum disease

A: Bleeding gums can mean that the bone support for the teeth is unhealthy. With specialised cleaning the bacteria around the tooth can be controlled and the tooth support brought back to health. This is also a cause of breath problems.

Sedation- Happy Gas

We have nitrous oxide sedation available for your comfort. 

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